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National Capital Territory of India

Delhi, also acknowledged as the National Capital Territory of India (NCT) is a typical urban centre, and the largest city across the country based on the attribute of surface area. The metropolis is widely regarded as the world's second most thickly settled region. 

Delhi is the most prominent commercial centre of North India with telecommunication, information technology, media, tourism and many other industries thriving on a daily basis.


The population of the city of Delhi is typically multilingual; that is, the city is a preferred for its employment opportunities and attracts people from all over the country for professional career. 

Delhi is the home of numerous charitable trusts that primarily work for the benefit of the society and strive for a better future of the city. Charitable trusts could unconditionally be Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who work on various causes without any monetary pursuits. 

Non-Governmental Organizations work as a team and operate with a solid intention of bringing a positive change in the society. These organizations give more importance to philanthropic intentions rather than pecuniary benefits.

Charitable Societies in Delhi

It is rather important to note that charitable societies and institutions in Delhi play a major role on various causes, which generally include education for children, food and shelter for children, education for women, senior citizens care, human rights, patients, rural development, organ donation, animal care and many other causes.

Charitable societies in Delhi have been constantly working day in and day out to answer various social issues and causes. Their mode is operation is simple and transparent that these institutions possess no capital stock as they collect their funds from charities and individuals. The collected funds are then placed into a trust and utilized for the worthy objectives.

HelpAge India

Charity DelhiEstablished in 1978, HelpAge India is working on protecting the rights of senior citizens and offer them respite through various means. 

Also, this charitable institution is campaigning in an effort to make the society mindful of the problems of senior citizens and encourage more effective empathizing of ageing consequences.

Furthermore, they help the senior citizens to know about their rights and ensure that they receive what they actually deserve from the society.

Current Projects of HelpAge India:
  • Upholding the Rights of the Aged
  • Healthcare for Senior Citizens
  • Social Protection
  • Shelters
  • Disaster Mitigation
Location and Contact Details:

HelpAge India
C-14 Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi - 110016
Phone Number: 1800-180-1253
E-mail: [email protected]

Sonadi Charitable Trust

Animal CareEstablished in 2001, Sonadi Charitable Trust is an animal well-being system working towards extending attention to deserted animals and executing animal birth control procedures.

Recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India; Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Sonadi Charitable Trust extends shelter to deserted animals of Delhi, and the organization is operated primarily from the funds collected from the animal lovers.

Current Projects of Sonadi Charitable Trust:
  • Animal Birth Control
  • Anti Rabies Program
  • Shelter for Deserted Animals
  • Rescue Services for Accident Diseased Animals
  • Creating Awareness
  • Animal Pickup
  • Animal Adoption
Location and Contact Details:

Sonadi Charitable Trust
J – 1910 Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi – 110019

Sonadi Animal Care Centre
Masudabad, Near Sai Baba Mandir
Najafgarh, New Delhi - 110043, India
Phone Number: 011-26275216, 9212131218, 9810054693, 9212797693
Email: [email protected], [email protected] 

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