Nizamuddin Railway Station

New Delhi railway station is headquarter of northern railways and considered to be one of the busiest among others. The major railway stations of the city are Old Delhi Railway Station, Anand Vihar Railway, New Delhi Railway Station, which help local passengers as well as other daily commuters

Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway StationNizamuddin Railway Station

Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station which has station code as NZM, is an important railway station of Delhi connecting the city to all major cities in India. 

Nizamuddin railway station is located in south of Delhi. New Delhi and Old Delhi railway station are one of the crowded railway stations but launching of Nizamuddin railway station has brought relief to many daily passengers. 

Major trains that run from the Hazrat Nizamuudin Railway Station are:

  • Gwalior - Jhansi Taj Express
  • Mysore (Swarna Jayanthi Express)
  • Trivandrum Central (Trivandrum Rajdhani Express)
  • Habibganj (Bhopal) (Shaan - E - Bhopal Express)
  • Pune Duronto Express
  • August Kranti Rajdhani Express
  • Garib Rath Express for Mumbai
  • Jabalpur (Gondwana Express)
  • Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express)
  • Jabalpur (Mahakoshal Express)
  • Bangalore (Bangalore Rajdhani Express) 
  • Chennai Central
  • Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa Express
  • Secunderabad (Secunderabad Rajdhani Express)
  • Hyderabad Decan, Dakshin Express
  • Indore Indore Intercity Express  
  • Coimbatore (Kongu Express)
  • Kanyakumari Thirukural Express
  • Jaynagar, Garib Rath Express
  • Patna Garib Rath Express
  • Swarna Jayanti Weekly
  • Lakshadweep Express
  • Ernakulam Junction  (Via Palghat)
  • Udaipur Mewar Express
  • Chennai Central (Garib Rath Express)
  • Manikpur Jn /Khajuraho Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express   
  • Visakhapatnam Samata Express
  • Kota Janshatabdi Express   

Facilities at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station:

  • Good refreshment rooms
  • Local trains are also available in Nizamuddin
  • Comfortable sitting area
  • ATMs
  • Good parking space
  • Taxi and auto stand
  • Coffee and tea stall are making it more comfortable for coffee and tea lovers

Gaziabad Railway Station

Another railway station which is becoming famous among travelers is Ghaziabad railway station.This station has formed a link between Delhi and NCR commuters.

Station code: GZB

Ghaziabad district is a part of  Uttar Pradesh but because of its closeness to Delhi, it is considered as a part of Delhi. It is on the Kanpur-Delhi section of Howrah-Delhi main line and Howrah-Gaya-Delhi line. Ghaziabad railway station serves around 519,000 passengers everyday that’s a large number. 

Distance between Gaziabad and other important railway stations
New Delhi railway station: 27.5 km
Old Delhi railway station: 25.1 km
Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station : 28.9 km
Anand Vihar railway station: 18.0 km

Many students and workers daily commute between Delhi to Ghaziabad and this railway station has filled the gap between two major hubs of country.

There are various amenities for passengers at Ghaziabad which includes:
  • Waiting room for passengers
  • Water coolers which have clean drinking water provision.
  • Vegetarian and non vegetarian refreshment food stalls.
  • Book stalls
  • Computerized reservation office
  • Telephone booths
  • Ghaziabad trains are a economical and fast alternative to travelers.
Following are the list of the trains that starts from Ghaziabad and pass through Ghaziabad Railway Station:
  • Padmavati express
  • Mussorie express
  • Anvt jat AC spcl
  • Ndls Ddn Ac sp
  • Lko Ndls spl
  • Bareilly exp
  • Kalindi express
  • Sultanpur express
  • Kasha v express
  • Mahananda express
  • Golden temple mail
  • Puusotam express
  • Lal qila express
  • Farakka express
  • Gomti express
  • Lucknow mail
Several other trains which connect Gaziabad to other cities are Meerut, Mathura Aligarh, Delhi, Palwal, Allahabad, Indore, Faridabad, Ujjain, Loni etc. Ghaziabad city is well connected to Delhi and other neighboring cities through fast moving local trains which is known as EMU.

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