Museums in Delhi

Delhi preserves and cares most of India’s culture, ancestry, endowments and artifacts in separate museums it shelters. The museums in Delhi are a peep into India for its visitors and scholars.  Delhi holds the largest number of museums in the country with around 20 museums located in the city, out of a total of 56 museums in India.

National Museum in Delhi

With a vast number of cultures and religions being followed in the nation, there has been a lot to preserve and protect. The prominent among the museums in Delhi is 'The National Museum', which tells the story of thrones of the region. National Museum has over 2,00,000 possessions, telling the story of different eras covering 5000 years of history. 

It is the largest museum of India making it the most prominent museum of the country. The individuality of this museum lies in its unrivaled blend of past and present. There is a huge collection of jewelry, paintings, decoratives, manuscripts and antiques etc. There are other museums showcasing peculiar themes like dolls, science, rail, air force, crafts, archaeology, literature etc. 

Encyclopedic Museums of Delhi

Encyclopedic Museums are huge and national in nature, covering a lot of subjects revealing a lot about the local and global associations of a country.
  • National Museum
  • Shankar's International Dolls Museum
  • National Philatelic Museum
  • National Rail Museum
  • National Police Museum

Archaeological Museum of Delhi

Archaeology Museums display archaeological artifacts, ancient relics, artifacts, manuscripts, antiquities from historical times. A few of such museums are set up at archaeological sites inside buildings only. Delhi’s Archaeological Museum is one such museum that is put up at Purana Qila.
  • Archaeological Museum

Art Museums of Delhi

Art museums focus on the exhibition of art in its galleries. They showcase art objects, visual arts like paintings, illustrations, and sculpture.  At times they also frame ceramics, metalwork, furniture, artist's books and other types of object. Here are the list of famous Art Museums Delhi to explore cultural richness of our country.
  • National Crafts Museum
  • National Gallery of Modern Art
  • Tibet House Museum

Biographical Museums of Delhi

Biographical museums cover life of a person or a group of persons. These museums collect correspondence, photographs, voice records, personal effects and memento objects of the persons life.
  • Gandhi Museum
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial
  • Malliah Memorial Theater and Craft Museum
  • Ghalib Museum & Library

Military and War Museums of Delhi

These museums discloses military and war histories. They display and move around the conflicts in which the country was involved. Such museums unfold the weapons, other military equipments, uniforms, and wartime propaganda seen during the wars.
  • Air Force Museum
  • Indian War Memorial Museum

Science Museums of Delhi

Science museums elaborate scientific achievements, science related history, and inventions in the country. They undertake interactive and demonstrative programmes to explain the subjects of science. 
  • National Science Centre Museum
  • Nehru Museum and Planetarium

Specialized Museums of Delhi

These museums demonstrate and work around a variety of subjects but the specialized museums are devoted specifically on a vivid subject that are not generally undertaken.
  • National Children's Museum
  • Sangeet Natak Akademi
  • National Museum of Natural History
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