Business and Economy of Delhi

Basically, the city of Delhi has a potent and vibrant economic system which is rather bright for its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The yearly economic rate of growth of Delhi was 17.70%.  Leaving out a few take outs from the economic appraise of Delhi, the service sector bestowed to 81.54% of Delhi's gross domestic product. 

Additionally, the contribution of the construction sector in Delhi's economy is much more than the contribution of the manufacturing sector. The mention goes to the compromising and business-friendly policies and schemes of the authorities.


Delhi - A Potential Marketplace

The elementary point behind the growth of Delhi is ascribed to various reasons. Nevertheless, indicating a couple of points, it can be said that Delhi has never compromised from its position of being a complete market place for Northern India 

It the home of assorted industries, which include arts, crafts, handloom, textile and so on. Also, the city is considered as a significant trade route connecting gangetic plains and the state of Punjab, which brands it as a crucial trade point. The city's economic system is principally depending on these industries and the service industry of the city bestows to the total GDP increment.

Other Business Deals of Delhi

Truth has to be distinguished that Delhi is not productive in agribusiness. Yet there are a few acres of farming lands available in the outskirts of Delhi. Major crops of Delhi include fruit crops, Bazra, Vegetables, Wheat, Maize and Jowar. 

Animal farming is the other fruitful business in the city with optimal and excess dairy farm yield to cope with the economic consumption in the city limit and other parts outside of the city. The role of government in bestowing the business friendly policies is simply applaudable.

Motivators from the State Government

  • The targets of Delhi Finance Corporation (DFC) are to bring forward finance and grow industries/service activities in the small and medium-scale spheres.
  • DFC direction for fresh business community and enterprisers
  • Finance options for business community who are not able to build promoters' shares
  • Delhi State Industrial Development Corp. (DSIDC) offers backing to investors on plan valuation and marketplace appraises
  • Help of DSIDC in commercializing Small Scale Industries (SSI ) productions
  • The state government affords subsidy of 50%, up to Rs. 0.05 million of investings in anti-pollution gears
  • Reservation for women enterprisers of up to 10% to be distributed at Jhandewalan Complex
  • Finance system for women enterprisers by Delhi Finance Corporation (DFC).

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