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VAT in Delhi

VAT means Value Added Tax.  VAT is a multi-point tax on value addition, which is collected at different stages of sale with a provision for set-off for tax paid at the previous stage/tax paid on inputs. In other words, it is levied at each stage of production and distribution from raw materials to the final sale based on the value (price) added at each stage.

VAT in DelhiDelhi VAT Registration under Delhi Value Added Tax, 2004:

Two types of registration exist under the scheme of Delhi Value Added Tax, 2004 (herein after referred as DVAT); one is Voluntary Registration and the second is Mandatory Registration.

A dealer can apply for Voluntary Registration in cases where he is not required to get mandatory registration and he is a dealer or he intends to start his business in Delhi from a particular date, which would make him a dealer.
It becomes mandatory for a dealer to register with the Sales Tax Department upon the following developments:
  1. In case of a dealer when already engaged in a business, his turnover in the current year exceeds Rs 10,000,00
  2. He is liable to pay tax or is registered or is required to be registered under Central Sales Tax Act, 1956, which requires the dealer to make any inter-state sale or purchase
  3. In case of casual trader, three day prior to commencement of business in Delhi
Registration as a Casual Trader calls for different rules. They are:

  • Dealer needs to pay tax daily on sales made on the previous day
  • Tax invoice cannot be given by casual trader
  • Casual trader may submit his returns immediately after conclusion of his business in Delhi
  • (A casual trader is one who does not carry his business activities in Delhi on a regular basis. For example, during exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.)

Delhi Vat Forms:

A dealer or a trader can apply for registration under various schemes, whichever is applicable to him by duly filling all the necessary details in the Delhi VAT Forms.

Here is a comprehensive list of the various forms made available by the Government for different purposes:

Click here to view the list.

What is the VAT Rate in Delhi?

Different commodities have different VAT Rates. There are some commodities that are tax-exempted while some are taxed.

The Delhi VAT Schedule lists all the commodities, organisations, goods, and individual dealers that fall under the purview of VAT.

Here is a brief list of the VAT Rate in Delhi as per the Schedule:VAT on Restaurant Bill
  1. Bio-inputs like bio-fertilisers and micro-nutrients
  2. 5%Kerosene stoves, lanterns, Petromax, and their spares—5%
  3. Oral Iron Chelator—NIL
  4. Liquefied petroleum gas for domestic use—Nil
  5. Fertilisers, pesticides and other plant growth promoters—12.5%
  6. Plastic and tin containers—12.5%
  7. Household plastic items and other kitchen and bathroom items—12.5%
  8. All kinds of metal items used in homes, offices, etc—12.5%
  9. Paint brushes—12.5%
  10. Wood, timber, ply, and laminates—12.5%
  11. Tractor tyres and tubes—12.5%
  12. Wire mesh and metal mash—12.5%
  13. Desi ghee—12.5%
  14. Glucose D—12.5%
  15. Locks—12.5%
  16. Weights and measures—12.5%
  17. Fibre and particle board made out of agricultural waste—12.5%
  18. Cutlery items—12.5%
  19. Mobile phones and accessories above rupees ten thousand—12.5%
  20. Writing instruments above one thousand rupees per piece—12.5%
  21. Ready-made garments above Rs 5000—12.5%
  22. Magaz, kesar, and dry fruits—12.5%
  23. Diesel—20%
  24. Aerated drinks—20%
  25. Watches over rupees five thousand—20%
There are Seven Schedules under VAT, each of which provides a detailed list of payment and non-payment of taxes.

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    TPS OBEROI from NEW DELHI 1451 Days ago

    Vat rates on all categories' items traded in Delhi are required, specially about the stationery, school books and notebooks. Private schools in Delhi are authorizing an area book shop to issue all printed notebooks, books, colours, geometry box. These shop owners sell complete sets of books/botebooks/colours/geometry boxes/dictionery, etc. to parents at class wise & subject wise printed lists. The rates charged are marginally less than MRP and in the case of colours, it has been seen that low quality colours procured from a company in Mayapuri Indl. Area are procured instead of Camel, Natraj which are known brands. No VAT bills or originally printed bills with name of Bookshop, address, VAT Regn. No., etc and the total amount charged, are given to parents. Anything not required is deleted from these printed lists and parents form long queues because these are to be purchased on first day of new academic session. In response to Dte. of Education, Delhi Govt., informing a website for getting feedback on functional public schools was sent. However, instead of verifying the facts from parents, students of Public Schools, Nodal Officer lin DDE Office, West B, Vikaspuri called me to know what evidence is available with us to prove that Schools are arbitrarily authorizing select bookshops which must be on the basis of maximum cash offers to Schools by these selected bookshops. Now this amount paid to Schools by Bookshops does not come in proper accounts of the Schools and is pocketed by Management of the Schools. Quality of binding of books sold for 200 300 is poor. Pages from Maths book of Class V of St. Marks Sr. Sc Public Schoolc ame out as binding was improper. Last year, in one of the IVth class book, six pages were found blank. The book was returned but it took 10 days in getting replacement from Raman Book Depot, Main Mkt. Rajouri Garden. This shop is authorized to sell book/notebook sets to all classes of two Schools Holy Child and St. Marks having two branches

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    Bittu from Delhi 1490 Days ago

    What is the VAT rate on LED TV in Delhi?

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    Social Thinker from Delhi 2170 Days ago

    This is the smart way of taking tax from from all class of people If a poor get treatment from government hospital and they take medicine from shop with they pay Vat along with medicine price

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