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Trains From Delhi to Mumbai

Travelling from Delhi to Mumbai? There are several express, super fast and fats trains from Delhi that will take you to Mumbai in a comfortable fashion.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus earlier known as Victoria Terminus in south of Mumbai is the main railway station in Mumbai.Most of the trains from Delhi to Mumbai terminate at Mumbai Central (BCT) while there are others which terminate at Bandra Terminus. Mumbai Rajdhani is a super fast train from Delhi to Mumbai which help you reach the destination in 16 hours.

Trains from Delhi to Mumbai

List of Delhi to Mumbai Trains

Train Name: Mumbai Rajdhani 12952
Departure Time: 04:30 PM
Arrival Time: 08:35 AM
Fares: 1A-3694, 2A-2152, 3A-1483

Train Name: Bdts Garib Rath 12910
Departure Time: 03:40 PM
Arrival Time: 08:10 AM
Fares: 3A-815, CC-707

Train Name: Trivndrm Rjdhni 12432
Departure Time: 11:00 AM
Arrival Time:  03:33 AM
Fares: 1A-3596, 2A-2094, 3A-1447

Train Name:  Bct Duronto  22210
Departure Time: 11:30 PM
Arrival Time:  04:15 PM
Fares: 1A-3670, 2A-2068, 3A-1369

Train Name: Ag Kranti Rjdhn 12954
Departure Time: 04:55 PM
Arrival Time: 10:00 AM
Fares:  1A-3694, 2A-2152, 3A-1483

Train Name: Nzm Bdts Yuva 12248
Departure Time:  03:40 PM
Arrival Time: 09:20 AM
Fares: CC- 707

Train Name: Mhrst Smprk K Ex 12908
Departure Time:  09:35 PM
Arrival Time: 04:35 PM
Fares: 2A-1866, 3A-1277,SL-493

Train Name: Goa Smprk K Exp 12450
Departure Time:  07:30 AM
Arrival Time: 03:35 AM
Fares: 1A-3161,2A-1846,3A- 1263, SL-471

Train Name:
  Ddn Kcvl Sup Exp 12288
Departure Time:  02:00 PM
Arrival Time:  10:48 AM
Fares: 3A-1263, SL-471

Train Name: Swaraj Express 12472
Departure Time:  09:08 PM
Arrival Time: 06:05 PM
Fares: 2A-1888,3A-1291,SL- 482

Train Name: Kerla S Kranti 12218
Departure Time:  01:45 PM
Arrival Time: 10:50 AM
Fares: 1A-3161, 2A-1846, 3A- 1263, SL-471

Train Name: Asr Kcvl Express  12484
Departure Time:  01:45 PM
Arrival Time: 10:50 AM
Fares: 2A- 1846, 3A-1263, SL- 471

Train Name:
Departure Time: 11:40 PM
Arrival Time: 09:15 PM
Fares:  1A-3236,2A-1888, 3A-1291

Train Name: NDLS BCT AC SPL 09006
Departure Time:  11:40 PM
Arrival Time: 09:15 PM
Fares: 1A-3236, 2A-1888, 3A-1291

Train Name: Goldn Temple Ml 12904
Departure Time:  07:40 AM
Arrival Time: 05:20 AM
Fares: 1A-3199, 2A-1866, 3A-1277, SL-493

Train Name: Paschim Express 12926
Departure Time:  04:00 PM
Arrival Time: 02:45 PM
Fares: 1A-3236,2A-1888, 3A-1291, SL-482

Train Name: Dee Bdts G Rath 12215
Departure Time:  09:20 AM
Arrival Time:  08:10 AM
Fares: 3A-825

Train Name: Mngla Lksdp Exp 12618
Departure Time:  09:20 AM
Arrival Time:  08:30 AM
Fares: 2A- 1973, 3A-1347, SL-504

Train Name:  JAT BDTS SPL 09022
Departure Time:  05:10 PM
Arrival Time:  04:35 PM
Fares: 2A-1866,3A-1277, SL- 493

Train Name: Cdg Bdts Sf Exp 22452
Departure Time:  09:55 AM
Arrival Time:  09:20 AM
Fares: 2A-1892, 3A-1309, SL-501

Train Name:  Hw Ltt Ac Sf 12172
Departure Time:  12:10 AM
Arrival Time:  11:45 PM
Fares: 1A-3425, 2A-1994, 3A-1361

Train Name:   DEE BDTS EXP 19030
Departure Time:  03:50 PM
Arrival Time:  05:10 PM
Fares: 2A-1846, 3A-1263, SL-471

Train Name: Punjab Mail 12138
Departure Time:  04:13 AM
Arrival Time:  07:35 AM
Fares:  1A-3501,2A-2038,3A-1389, SL-521

Train Name:
Departure Time:  06:00 PM
Arrival Time:  10:35 PM
Fares: 2A-1973,3A-1347,SL-504

Train Name: Dehradun Exp 19020
Departure Time: 09:55 PM
Arrival Time:  04:20 AM
Fares: 2A-1866,3A-1277,SL-493

Train Name:  Fzr Bct Janta 19024
Departure Time: 12:05 PM
Arrival Time:  08:10 PM
Fares: SL-488

Train Name: Asr Dr Express 11058
Departure Time: 07:13 PM
Arrival Time:  03:50 AM
Fares: 2A-2038, 3A-1389, SL-521

Note: The above mentioned information are liable to changes.

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