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Street Food in Delhi

PT Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan in Chandni Chowk

If you are looking for street food in Delhi, you do not need to go far. You will find them in every lane and by lane of the city. 

Nonetheless, some parts of the city are more famous for such delicacies than the others. Chandni Chowk for instance is one such place. Let us explore this hub of street food first!

Street Food in Chandni Chowk

Truly, there is no place like Chandni Chowk as far as street food is concerned. Here, you will find all kind of vendors selling lip-smacking street delicacies. 

Rows of halwais, namkeenwallas, chaatwallas and paranthewallas are sure to impress anyone looking for a quick bite. More interestingly, some of these joints are centuries old and have luminaries on their guest list.  

Paranthewallas of Chandni Chowk

Way to Paranthe Wala Gali

Let us start our tour with a visit to the Paranthewali Gali or the lane of ‘paranthas'. Some of the shops here have been in operation since 1870 and have big names of the Indian political scenario on their guest lists. 

Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, his daughter Indira Gandhi and sister Vijaylakshmi Pandit were among their patrons and so were former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Jai Prakash Narayan. In fact, Vajpayee Ji and JP were regular visitors here.

One big shop in this lane is PT Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan. This shop has been in business since 1872. Another old name operating since 1886 is Pandit Devi Dayal. Kanyalal Durga Prasad’s parantha shop is also another popular name here. 

It first opened its door in 1875. Pt Babu Ram Devi Dayal (established in 1889) is also another old name in this area. Their aloo parantha with lime is very well appreciated by the patrons. 

The Chaatwallas of Chandni Chowk

Chaatwallas of Chandni Chowk

However, one must admit that the original flavor of Delhi street food lies in its chaats. Chandni Chowk too has its share of chaat shops. 
  • Shri Balaji Chaat Bhandhar at 1462, Chandni Chowk is one of the more renowned shops in this region. It keeps open from 12:00 noon to 10 o’clock at night. Their papdi chaat is truly scrumptious. Equally delicious is their kachaalu chatni and the khasta papdis; you can also try them.

  • Bishan Swaroop, located at 1421, is another popular chaat shop in this region. It first opened its doors in 1923. You must try their aloo chaat, aloo ke kulle, and fruit chaats; they specialize in these items.

  • Jugal Kishor Ramji Lal at 23, Chawri Bazaar ( Dujana House) is another place to go if you are actually looking for mouth-watering fruit chaats. It remains open from 10:30 am to 10 pm. You can also try their Pav bhaji and aloo tikki; but their fruit chaats are far more popular.

  • However, if you are looking for gol gappe with a typical jal jeera you must visit Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar at 77 Chandni Chowk. The shop is open from 11 am to 10 pm. Also try their gobi matar samosas, matar paneer tikki and kachoris stuffed with potato and peas.

  • Natraj Dahi Bhalla, located near Bhai Mati Das Chowk, is the place to go if you specially like dahi bhallas.

  • For Kachoris visit Jung Bahadur Kachoriwala at 1104 Chhatta Madan Gopal in Chandni Chowk. They serve the best kachoris in this region.

Sweetmeats of Chandni Chowk

Street Food in DelhiChandni Chowk is also famous for its halwais. 

Just before you enter Dariba Kalan, you will find an old and established jalebi shop called Old Famous Jalebi Wala do stop there to savor at least one.

In addition, there are so many other types of sweets sold all over Chandni Chowk. You must have heard of Ghantewalla. 

The shop is more than 200 years old. The sweets here are made with pure clarified butter and taste heavenly. At least, try their sohan halwa, badam barfi, papdi and pista samosas.

Other Big Names in Chandni Chowk

However, there are many other smaller shops that sell equally delicious phirni; try them as well. Also take time to sample classic bread omelet at Mohammad Nadim (66 Matia Mahal), Puri-aloo-halwa at Haji Tea Point (924 Bazaar Matia Mahal); Rabdi-falooda at Giani's (Shop 651/52 Church Mission Road Fateh Puri).

Street Food in Jama Masjid Area

Street Food near Jama Masjid

Eateries here offer another kind of street food. However, if you want to taste the best, go straight to Urdu Bazaar opposite Gate No 1. of Jama Masjid. 

Biriyanis, chicken changezi, kebabs, tikkas and mutton burrahs are not only delicious here, but they are also sold at a very affordable price. In most cases, kebabs and tikkas come wrapped in thin and soft romali roti.

You can also try their mutton stew, mutton korma, shahjahani korma and shammi kebab. If you come here early in the morning, do not forget to try succulent mutton nihari and paaya; they are usually sold out by 8:30 am. 

Karim’s near Jama Masjid

Karims on Matia Mahal

Even if you do not take non vegetarian items, you must still go there. Phirnis sold here are simply delicious. Karim’s on Matia Mahal is one of the more renowned shops here. It may interest you to know that their ancestors were the chefs in Mughal kitchen. 

They fled Delhi when the last Mughal Emperor Bhadur Shah Zafer was dethroned. Later they came back in 1911 when Delhi Durbar was being held on the occasion of the coronation of King George V. However, Karim’s is not only famous for its phirnis, but also for its succulent kebabs, gosht birayani, keema paranthes and nihari.

Street Food in Chittaranjan Park

Street Food in C R Park

Let us now take a walk around Chittaranjan Park. Vendors here sell delicious golgappas, egg rolls, chops, cutlets, sweetmeats etc. Let us start our stroll with Dadu’s Cutlet Shop near C R Park Market no 2. Here you will get a variety of fares.

Dadu’s Cutlet Shop offers a long list of Bengali delicacies. Mochar chop is one of them. It is typical of Bengal and is made out of flowers of banana plant. Otherwise, you can try mutton cutlet, fish cutlet, chicken cutlet, fish fry, vegetable spring roll, fish chop, vegetable chop, aloo chop, samosa, piyaji etc.

If you prefer vegetarian dishes start with samosas and piyajis. The later is onion fried in a batter and is something akin to bhajiyas. The samosas may taste a little different; the spices used are not the same. 
Aloo chop is another specialty here. However, if you are non vegetarian, you will surely want to try their fish cutlet, mutton chop and egg devil.

Then again, if you are aching for something sweet, you have Annapurna Sweets located next door. 
Sandesh and sweetened yoghurt are two other specialties. There is also a shop that sells Calcutta Biryani; it has a distinct taste; quite different from Hyderabadi Biryani.

Vegetable Chops at C R Park

However, if you take time to trek to Market number 1, you will be greeted with many more street food vendors. Try egg roll and golgappas here. Ravi’s Snacks in Market no 1 sells delicious egg roll along with different types of cutlets. 

The egg devil is also fabulous here. To make it even more special, the chef adds mutton pieces to the boiled potato and then coat the boiled egg with it.

Another thing to try here is ghughni. It is another version of cholley; but tastes great. Subrata’s Stall in C R Market is the best place to try it. For golgappas, you can try Raju’s Phuchkas and yes, golgappas are known as phuchkas in this part of the city. 

Street Food in West Delhi

Street Food in West Delhi

If you are searching for street food joints in Delhi, Tilak Nagar is another good place to go. The area is dotted with such shops. Shri Balaji Chaat Bhandar, Balaji Chaat Corner, Bikanervala, Kanha Tikki Walla, New Raj Kachori Bhander is few of them. 

However, Parveen Chaat Bhandar, located in Tilak Nagar Main Market, is probably the best in this sector. They sell different varieties of chaats; but their deep fried bread pakora tops the list. 

To make these pakoras they always use green gram (moong ki dal) paste rather than regular besan batter.  However, if you are looking for truly sumptuous golgappas, you must try Manmohan Bakery, located in Tilak Nagar market. You can refer to our page on Golgappa Joints in Delhi.

Street Food in Khan Market

Khan Chacha at Khan Market

As we have already pointed out, if you like original kebabs Jama Masjid is the place to go. There they sell all kinds of it. However, for kakori kabab you may as well try Khan Chacha in Khan Market (Shop No: 50, Middle Lane, First Floor).

Making such kababs is not everybody’s cup of tea. You can also visit Maurya Sheraton’s Dum Pukht for it, however, many are of the opinion that they use too much saffron.

It's Momo Time in Delhi!!

Lajpat Nagar Dolma Aunty

The reason why we are talking specially of Momos here is because choosing one shop for the best place was really hard. Khan Market has a good momo stall; it is located just opposite to Lok Nayak Bhawan.

Another good place to try these Tibetan dumplings is at Dolma Aunty in Lajpat Nagar. The place is always bustling with momo lovers; they come from all over Delhi to enjoy their chicken, vegetarian or paneer momos. 

Majnu ka Tila is another place where you can find original momos. The place is officially known as New Aruna Nagar Colony. The area was allocated to the Tibetan refugees in 1960. You will find many eateries offering original Tibetan dishes. 

Street Food Joints in Other Parts of Delhi

Bittu Tikki Wala

Bittoo Tikki Wala (popularly known as BTW) is another prominent name in the street food sector. It started as a roadside stall in Pitampura in Northwest Delhi. They now have franchises all over the city and these are managed by professionals trained in hotel management.

The key factor behind their success is their loyalty to quality. Different items of North and South Indian snacks are sold in their different outlets. 

Al Bake at New Delhi

While we are talking about food chains, Al Bake is another name that we must mention. It too has branches all over the city; but I have visited their New Friends Colony (21 to 23 Community Center) outlet only. 

The shawarmas there are simply great; I have had them in few other places, but they were by far tastier here. May be that is because shawarma is a Levantine meat preparation and Al Bake is originally a Saudi Arabian company. 

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