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Spice Market in Delhi

A long busy street, where sacks are being carried in hand carts, with porters seen on the pavements waiting with expectant eyes for traders to hire them stands at the majestic Mughal city of Shahjahanabad, which is known as the Khari Baoli. Considered as one of the busiest places in New Delhi, a lot of noises can be heard in the area filled with chaos. However, it is the king of all shops when it comes to grocery items, confectionaries, dry fruits, crispy papad, spices, etc. in entire Asia, it is known for being the largest market in the wholesale arena in the entire of Asia for spices and dry fruits. Khari Baoli Delhi Spice market

The market developed gradually around the Fatehpur Sikri Masjid, which stands at Chandni Chowk area. The market initiated way back in the 17th Century. This place derived its name from well that was filled with saline water and existed during the Mughal period.

On reaching the Chandni Chowk area, one can see the market situated at the either ends of a police post. On reaching the market, and walking towards the Sadar Market one can easily notice numerous shops selling different types of dry fruits of different quality. One of the very eye catching products here is the puffed lotus seeds or the more commonly known makhna. The market is primarily a wholesale market but however, retail shops also do exist here.

The shops here are beautifully segmented and synchronized according to the products so as to let the customers access them in a much more easier and accessible manner. So after passing a few blocks of shops, one soon comes up to the pickles and spices which then starts to dominate the shops. As one divulge more deep into the market the aura of the environment clearly gives you this pleasant smell that tell you that one is amidst some herbs and spices of different variety. All of the Indian spices and herbs are available in this market. Apart from Indian spices, rare and spices from abroad are also available for consumption. Not only are the spices in the raw form but they can also be bought in the grounded form.

Delhi spice market The Gadodia market follows the Khari Baoli market, for a small road leads to an even wider space in this area which is an enlarged and extended space for spices. As one crosses a covered passage, one reaches this enormous place with shops that are housed with sacks of spices.

Just parallel to the set of spice selling markets and shops lies another set of shops which deals in rice, wheat and other grains. The shops here have been existing in the market for years ans are numbered in order to properly synchronise them. Many of these shops have been selling for ages with generations after generations continuing to do the business here.

Apart from the markets of spices, wheats and grains, the market also offers a wonderful flower market which starts early morning and finally concludes by 8 AM. Flowers like Marigold, roses, etc. fill up the streets which makes the aura of the market heavenly spreading a fragrance of sweetness.

Delhi is famous for sweets so this market does not step back in that field either. Sweets made out of pure and rich ghee , khoya or solid milk is used to make delectable sweets in huge quantities for people to consume. Diwali is a festival during which the entire market dons a fresh look and it is beautifully decorated. the entire market glows with candles and lights and craftsmen sculpt wonderful deities, specially Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. The place wears a look which not only gives the feel of the festival but also a feel of the Indian Culture and oneness.

How to Reach Khari Baoli:

Nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk. One can take a rickshaw from here to reach the market place in around 10 minutes.

Closed: Sundays

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