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New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi StationNew Delhi railway station forms an integral part of Delhi as this is the place which welcomes its visitors and introduces them to Delhi's charm and beauty. The New Delhi railway station is the most important railway station in Delhi.

New Delhi railway station is the second busiest station in India, handling over 300 trains and unlimited passengers which is really difficult to count and even to imagine. It has 16 platforms and each platform is a small city in itself with people from all over the world. New Delhi station is known for the largest route interlocking system of the world. Most of the south and eastbound trains originate at New Delhi railway station.  However, some other trains which are important once also start off from this station.

Some of most important trains that originate from New Delhi train station are as follows:

  • New Delhi-Chandigarh
  • Kanpur Shatabdi Express
  • Ranchi Rajdhani Express
  • Lucknow Swarn Shatabadi Express
  • Mumbai Rajdhani
  • Guwahati Rajdhani Express
  • New Delhi – Sealdah Duronto Express
  • Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express
  • Patna Rajdhani Express
  • Kanpur Shatabdi
  • New Delhi – Howrah Yuva Express
  • Howrah Rajdhani
  • Dehradun Shatabdi Express
  • New Delhi – Howrah Duronto Express

      The station is about two kilometers north of Connaught place, in central Delhi. We can easily get an auto rickshaw or even can hire a taxi if we have overload of luggage and want to relish the beauty of Delhi. New Delhi railway station is also served on the yellow line of the Delhi metro, and also by the Delhi airport metro express that is orange line, which connects it directly to Indira Gandhi international airport.

      When we imagine railway stations what comes in our mind is the hustle and bustle of overcrowded passengers, garbage littering around, noise and pollution, and all kinds of thoughts which makes us feel really wretched, but that’s not the case at New Delhi railway station. Though there is lot of overcrowding, yet all the platforms are well-lit. You will see effectively managed waiting rooms and nice interiors of the station.  Some of the facilities available are as follows:

      • World class transit lounge
      • Std PCO booth
      • Computer reservation office
      • Waiting room
      • Refreshment room- non veg and veg
      • Book stall
      • Cloak room
      • Escalators facility
      • Auto booking office
      • Enquiry office

      To add on, waiting for a train to arrive is no longer boring as government have taken an initiative to launch India’s busiest station with Wi-Fi connectivity, a first in the country, to ensure value added amenity for the passengers. New Delhi railway station which handles more than five lakhs passengers a day will be the first to enjoy the Wi- Fi connectivity.

      Rail ministry is planning to make New Delhi railway station as an urban icon and they are gearing up to make it possible. We will soon see the station with world class lighting system. Lighting is the integral part of the station architecture and it will be coordinated with other elements of the proposed world class station, now the passengers and visitors will have more facilities with segregated areas for arrivals and departures. So pack your bags and be ready to catch a train and catch in the glimpse railway station. Visit the capital and enjoy the exquisiteness of Delhi.

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