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Mysterious Malcha Mahal in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is surrounded with several mysterious stories and myths. Some are true stories indeed. The main reason behind this is the presence of different historical monuments and structures. Delhi is governed with many monuments that relate to several Mughal Dynasties. Mysteries start unfolding with these places. In this article we will talk about one such haunted place in Delhi, the Malcha Mahal. Let us see how and why this place gives you goosebumps.

Entrance of Malcha Mahal

Located in Delhi ridge on Bistdari Road near Delhi Earth Station, Malcha Mahal is a famous place in Delhi. Since located in Bistdari Road this Mahal is also called Bistdari Mahal.

This is an historical structure that was constructed by the people of Malcha in 1600 AD. The main aim of building this place was that it served as a community house for the villagers residing in Malcha. The Begum of Oudh, Princess Wilayat Mahal was the great granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. Their property was seized by British centuries ago and the Begum was fighting for gaining back the property.

After loads of struggle this place was finally allocated to the Begum and she started to reside their along with her two kids. But this was not for long. On 10th of December 1993, the Begum committed suicide out of severe mental pressure leaving her kids alone. Princess Sakina and Prince Riaz her two kids shouted for help in order to save their mother’s life. But their cries remained unanswered. The Begum’s body lied in her study for 10 days and her kids mourned over it. On June 24th 1994, the young siblings got terrified since some strangers tried to attack this place and they had to bury their mother’s dead body.

Malcha Mahal in Delhi

Since the time the Begum’s body was buried it was noted that the place became a mysterious spot. Noone has been seen entering this place soon after this. Local guards reported that some reporters who entered this place never returned. Since then this place is avoided by everyone. Local people say that they hear strange noises from inside the Mahal. The noise mainly includes a cry of a woman in pain. They say that it is the Begum’s last cry before her death. Although the Begum’s kids are still alive inside the Mahal but they were never seen by anyone. It is believed that after such humiliation and after the pathetic death of their mother the siblings’ choose a life like this.

They decided not to keep any contact with the rest of the world. They felt betrayed and hence could not trust anyone except their loyal dogs. It is still a mystery about those people who entered the Mahal. No one knows the exact reason why those people never returned back. Some say it is the Begum’s extra possessive nature that did not allow anyone to get hold a view of this Mahal. While others say that the Begum’s spirit haunted these people so much that they lost their lives inside the Mahal. We do not know the exact story behind this but yes we can definitely claim about the eerie atmosphere that persists inside the Mahal.

Inside the Malcha Mahal

A group of tourists who visited this place a few days back reported that they were lucky enough to have an encounter with the Prince himself. They said that the prince was seen near the entrance gate but when they tried to have a conversation with him he disappeared. Following this incident, there were several others who tried to visit this Mahal in order to meet the Prince but the Prince was never seen. Local people however said that the prince was dead long back and that it is his ghost which still haunts the place. But according to the Government there was no news of this prince’s death.

Although no one knows the actual story behind the disappearance of the siblings it is believed that they are dead and their spirits haunt the Mahal in order to take revenge against their mother’s brutal death. While the Government never took any initiative to search the place neither they have any answer to these. We do not know which part of the story is true. But, I will tell you without any doubt that Malcha Mahal of Delhi is a mysterious place and even when you visit this place you will feel it. It is recommended that you visit this place in order to find out the exact story and even if you don’t find one am sure you will have some new stories to share with the world.

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