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Midnight Burp in Delhi

Have you ever thought of a midnight expedition in search of good food in Delhi? ‘Err...midnight munchies in must be joking’, sarcastically commented my friend from Mumbai when I dropped the idea in her last visit to the capital. If you thought midnight snacking or eating out in Delhi after curfew hours is not common, think again!  Taking the onus, I decided to give my friend taste of Delhi midnight food.

A self-confessed foodie, and no meal is complete without meat, I first decided to head straight to Old Delhi and gorge on Karim’s Nihari (lamb cooked overnight on slow fire) which is served till midnight. If it is Ramzan time, you can expect Nihari at the break of dawn too. Zipping past the old and ancient ruins of Delhi 6, my friend was delighted to get a glimpse of William Dalrymple’s  City of Djinns. The hot Nihari, served with Rumali Roti in cool October breeze...can aamchi Mumbai offer it. Okay let’s not get into the debate of which city rules the roost!

Midnight Eating in Delhi

If that’s not all, the road opposite Gate number 1 near Jama  Masjid selling succulent tikkas and seekh kebabs is a must for all kebab lovers. With high adrenalin and an overdose of flirting with kebabs and tikkas, I decided to spoil my friend with choice.

Tikka and Kebabs in Old Delhi

We decided to catch up with another friend of ours in Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus or JNU who boasts of 24x7 Food Court which is open from late morning till dawn. This court is not only vibrant with the latest debate on Marxism vs Socialism vs Liberalism, it also smells of biryani, mughali curries, noodles, rolls and ofcourse tea!  Another must try while in JNU at midnight, is the Northeast Dhaba. Well the catch here is you need to know someone to enter the place! Try the chicken stew with hot steaming melts down your throat.

Well Delhi has a lot to offer to vegans and eggetarians too. The famous Ande paratha (egg parathas) are available in places more than one, after the clock strikes 12. The midnight owls strike at 1440 in Lajpat Nagar IV which sees activity only after 11 at night. Anda parathas and Bun omelettes are served with melting butter. Not too far away, is the Moolchand Parathe wale near Moolchand metro station. If you happen to return after your odd BPO timings, do not forget  your cab driver to drop you at this place, if you happen to stay nearby. Aloo paratha, egg paratha are even a hit among obsessed non-vegetarians.  To top the parathas come the green chilli pickle and boondi raita.

Midnight Eating in Delhi

Well if you are not the adventure types, you can still satisfy your hunger pangs at night by simply getting food delivered at your door-step. Midnite Express in North Delhi, Kamla Nagar area delivers varieties of kebabs, chicken curry, rajma chawal and parathas  within a radius of 5kms.

Enjoy excellent food right from Chinese to Thai, from Mexican to Vietnamese from Asian Haus which takes orders till one at night. Though located at Greater Kailash I, you can get it delivered anywhere in Delhi.

And yes, how can you forget the Twenty Four Seven department stores open till the wee hours with their pizzas, rolls and burgers. Stores are spread across the city but the more popular ones are in Central Market, Lajpat Nagar II, GKII M Block and in Community Centre, Saket.

Midnight snacking in Delhi

So I asked my friend...'after this food voyage, my friend, do you still feel that Delhi is not a place for midnight food romantics?’ Well, though she was left speechless for a while, she again started her debate...but then I decided to put on my ear plugs and relish the after taste!

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