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China Market in Delhi

Delhi is well renowned all over the world for its amazing offerings for shopaholics. The city has a wide variety of markets that collectively serve to people of all tastes and backgrounds giving them the most memorable experience and lovable goods to take back home. Amid the wide array of markets in Delhi, one that uniquely stands out is the China market which is more commonly referred to as the ‘China Bazar’ in Delhi.

Things to buy in China Market in Delhi

China Market in DelhiThe China Market in Delhi is one of the largest Chinese markets in India and offers unmatched variety of Chinese goods be it the famous colourful toys, the cheap gadgets and gizmos or the attractive furniture at great prices. However, one won’t find any major brand store in the market. One can reserve half a day to take a tour through this colourful and vibrant China wholesale market which is brimming with noises and chatter all throughout the day. The shop owners are fluent in English, Hindi and Chinese and one can converse with them in any of the three languages conveniently.

Great value for money products!

Chinese products are well known all around the world for their great value for money attribute. However, this attribute also implies (rather it has been proven to imply) that the Chinese goods do not rank high when it comes to durability and quality and are mainly aimed at a use and throw purpose. Therefore, for those looking for a wide variety of attractive looking products which do not bear heavy price tags, China market in Delhi can be no less than heaven. But at the same time, customers should also be prepared to compromise a little on the strength and durability fronts. Thankfully, however, customers can get lucky and end up at those few shops which do offer good quality Chinese products as well.

Toys! Furniture! Electronics! Mobiles!

China Market in Delhi is most popular for its toys, furniture, mobiles and electronics. One can find the China toys market in Delhi which offers the most gorgeous, vibrant and multi-hued collection of toys for infants, kids and adolescents. This collection includes soft toys, plastic toys, car sets, dolls, board games, card games and even video games.

Delhi Chinese Mobile Market boasts of an unmatched collection of mobile phones and Chinese smartphones with much sought-after features and designs. These mobile phones, however, don’t promise very long durability though they look and feel great on the inside and outside. One can easily find attractive iPhone lookalikes at unbelievably low prices!

The China electronics market is highly popular and frequented for several reasons. First of course is the price. The Chinese electronic goods can be availed from the Chinese market at highly affordable prices which wouldn’t require one to shell out huge bucks. The second main reason is the variety. One can find all kinds of electronic goods be it television sets, calculators, spare parts, wires, electronic dictionaries, mobile chargers, food processors, laptops etc. Bargaining is not uncommon and one must use his/her best bargaining skills to grab the best deal.

The China furniture market offers good-looking, useful and modestly priced furniture items. One can easily find colourful chairs and tables in both wood and plastic for living area and lobbies.

How to reach China Market

China Bazaar is a Chinese wholesale market in Delhi located in the Old Delhi in vicinity of the famous Kirti Nagar Mall located in Kirti Nagar. One can reach this famous market via any cab after reaching the Kirti Nagar metro station. One can also take a direct taxi to the market from the railway station, airport or any location in Delhi for that matter. The market is quite famous and all taxi drivers are familiar with its location. The best and the most comfortable are the radio taxis. Major radio taxi service providers are Delhi Cab (91-11-44333222), Easy Cab (91-11-43434343), Quick Cabs (91-11-45333333), Meru Cabs (91-11-44224422) and Mega cab (91-11-41414141).

When to go?

The best time to visit China market in Delhi for shopping is from November to February when the market is full of new and tantalizing products and deals. Since money converters are not common in the Chinese market, foreign tourists are advised to get the currency converted before entering the market for shopping.

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