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Autos in Delhi

Delhi's autoAutos in Delhi are an integral part of Delhi's transport system. The CNG (compressed natural gas) driven auto rickshaws run in all parts of the capital and are an easy and comfortable mode to commute between two places. If you wish to avoid the crowd and hassle of the metros and DTC buses, or if you are travelling with heavy luggage then the auto rickshaws are the best option. Travelling at night in Delhi is easily feasible with the 24 hour service of auto rickshaws.
Auto rickshaws in Delhi have a meter installed for calculating the distance traveled and fare is calculated according to it. There are several shared autos running as well connecting nearby places. The fare of the shared auto varies from Rs. 5 to Rs. 25 per passenger as per the distance traveled.

Delhi Auto Rickshaw Fare/ Rate:

Booking Fee: Not Applicable
Fare: Rs. 25/- for first 2 Kilometer and then Rs. 8/- additional for every additional kilometer
Night Charges: 25% extra amount of the fare (night charges are applicable from 11:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
Waiting Charges: Waiting charges are charges at the rate of Rs. 30/- per hour or the part subject to minimum stay of 15 minutes.
Luggage Charges: Rs. 7.50 /- per luggage is charged for heave travel bags and suitcases. There is no charge for hand bags, shopping bags and small suitcases.

Auto Rickshaw fare/ rate for major destinations:

IGI Airport

New Delhi Railway Station: Rs. 93 (Night Charge: Rs. 116)
Old Delhi Railway Station: Rs. 123 (Night Charge: Rs. 155)
Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station: Rs. 96 (Night Charge: Rs. 120)
AIIMS: Rs. 71 (Night Charge: Rs. 99)
Defence Colony: Rs. 87 (Night Charge: Rs. 109)
Karol Bagh: Rs. 83 (Night Charge: Rs. 104)
Punjabi Bagh: Rs. 105 (Night Charge: Rs. 142)
Lajpat Nagar: Rs. 89 (Night Charge: Rs. 112)
Rajouri Garden: Rs. 87 (Night Charge: Rs. 109)

New Delhi Railway Station

Old Delhi Railway Station: Rs 32 (Night Charge: Rs. 40)
Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Sation: Rs. 41 (Night Charge: Rs. 51)
AIIMS: Rs. 47 (Night Charge: Rs. 59)
Defence Colony: Rs. 48 (Night Charge: Rs. 60)
Karol Bagh: Rs. 25 (Night Charge: Rs. 30)
Punjabi Bagh: Rs. 55 (Night Charge: Rs. 70)
Lajpat Nagar: Rs. 49 (Night Charge: Rs. 60)
Rajouri Garden: Rs. 58 (Night Charge: Rs. 62)
Nehru Place: Rs. 67 (Night Charge: Rs. 84)

Old Delhi Railway Station

Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station: Rs. 47 (Night Charge: Rs. 59)
AIIMS: Rs. 65 (Night Charge: Rs. 82)
Defence Colony: Rs. 56 (Night Charge: Rs. 70)
Karol Bagh: Rs. 31 (Night Charge: Rs. 39)
Punjabi Bagh: Rs. 58 (Night Charge: Rs. 79)
Lajpat Nagar: Rs. 57 (Night Charge: Rs. 72)
Rajouri Garden: Rs. 63 (Night Charge: Rs. 88)


Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station: Rs. 36 (Night Charge: Rs. 45)
Defence Colony: Rs. 25 (Night Charge: Rs. 30)
Karol Bagh: Rs. 61 (Night Charge: Rs. 77)
Punjabi Bagh: Rs. 80 (Night Charge: Rs. 100)
Lajpat Nagar: Rs. 25 (Night Charge: Rs. 30)
Rajouri Garden: Rs. 71 (Night Charge: Rs. 89)

Cycle Rickshaw in Delhi

Delhi's rickshawThe human paddled cycle rickshaws in Delhi are also an important means of transport for travelling to nearby places. These rickshaws are quite popular in the busy markets and streets of Chandni Chowk, Chawari Bazar, Lajpat Nagar, Karol Bagh and Sarojini Nagar. The cycle rickshaws are centre of attraction for several tourists coming to the capital city especially the foreigners. Nowadays one can find many colorful and decorative cycle rickshaws near the popular tourist destinations. The fare of the cycle rickshaws varies according to the place and the distance traveled.

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    Sometimes, i wish that i should leave my job and start running auto at night because they take much money at night :)

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