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Alai Minar in Delhi

Have you ever thought what makes Delhi all the more special and attractive for tourists? Well, definitely Delhi offers many interesting things that can catch tourist’s attraction but historical monuments cover a huge part of Delhi. Alai Minar is one such famous monument that is often visited by tourists. Lets us see how Alai Minar is so famous in Delhi.

Alai Minar of New Delhi

About Alai Minar

Alai Minar is located inside the famous Qutub complex of South Delhi. This is probably the only unfinished monument is Delhi. Although this is not a finished piece of a monument yet it attracts people since ages. Alai Minar is believed to have come into existence since 19th century. It stands still in its position till today with its unfinished structure.

History of Alai Minar

Sultan Ala-Ud-Din Khilji is known was an over ambitious emperor who. It was due to his nature that he won many battles. After winning a battle from his Deccan campaigns he was furious to build this monument. He wanted to build this monument as a sign of his victory.

Alai Minar New Delhi

The over ambitious nature of the Sultan provoked him to build a structure which could be twice the height of Qutub Minar. He wanted his building to be so tall that the entire world will know about the greatness and courageous nature of the Sultan. He wanted to create a magnificent masterpiece and wanted the world to know about this monumental masterpiece as the Sultan’s creation.

Architecture of Alai Minar

As per the Sultan’s plan he started building the monument. The sultan wanted the size of the enclosed Masjid Quwwat-Ul-islam to get increased by four times than its original size. To ensure that the Sultan’s wish is granted an entrance gateway was build in the both sides of the mosque. He wanted his monument to be higher than this mosque and also instructed that his monument should contain his name and hence Alai Minar took its shape. As per the Sultan’s plan the construction started.

Alai Minar of New Delhi

The first floor of the Alai Minar was 24.5 metres high. Unfortunately after the construction of the first floor Sultan lost his life and the construction of the Minar came to a pause. As per as tradition the Sultan’s successors were supposed to look after this ongoing construction but they failed to do so. The Alai Minar shows the ambitious attitude of the Sultan. It is may be because of this over ambitiousness of the Sultan that his dream of building a monument never turned into reality. Despite of all efforts that the Sultan made his monument could never ever be compared to Qutub Minar.

Present Day Scenario of Alai Minar

Even after the Sultan’s effort to make his monument one of the highest monuments of Delhi he could not make his dream come true. Today, Alai Minar stands silently in the ruins. Although the Alai Minar was supposed to look more gorgeous and lavish yet it has some beauty of its own. The incomplete stone carvings of the monument show the beauty of the monument even if it is incomplete.

Alai Minar of New Delhi

This is an example of what and how over ambition destroys a great piece of work. This unfinished piece of work will always remind you of something that could have been done better but only got destroyed because of excessive ambition.

You will surely enjoy the sight of Alai Minar once you visit Qutub complex. Although it stands in ruins but definitely it will catch your attraction. The only sad part is that you will only regret about it remaining incomplete.

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