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  • Faces Canada

Items & Products by lassnaturals

  • Face Care Products
    Face Care Products
  • Body Care Products
    Body Care Products
  • Hair Care Products
    Hair Care Products
  • Body Washes
    Body Washes
  • Bath and Body
    Bath and Body
  • Nail Care
    Nail Care
  • Body Sprays and Mists
    Body Sprays and Mists
  • Hair clips
    Hair clips
  • Hair ties
    Hair ties
  • Hair Accessories
    Hair Accessories
  • Hair Brushes and Combs
    Hair Brushes and Combs
  • Hair bleaches
    Hair bleaches
  • Hair dyes
    Hair dyes
  • Hair Colorants
    Hair Colorants
  • Hair gel
    Hair gel
  • Hair mousse
    Hair mousse
  • Hair spray
    Hair spray
  • Hair Styling Products
    Hair Styling Products
  • Hair Oils
    Hair Oils
  • Hair Masks and Treatments
    Hair Masks and Treatments
  • Brow Products
    Brow Products
  • Face Masks
    Face Masks
  • Body Lotions
    Body Lotions
  • Body Butters
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  • Body Powders
    Body Powders
  • Body Scrubs
    Body Scrubs
  • Beard Care Products
    Beard Care Products
  • Men's Skincare Products
    Men's Skincare Products
  • Incontinence Products
    Incontinence Products
  • Organic and Natural Beauty
    Organic and Natural Beauty
  • Organic Skincare Products
    Organic Skincare Products
  • Natural Haircare Products
    Natural Haircare Products
  • Eco-friendly Beauty Products
    Eco-friendly Beauty Products
  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Products
    Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Products
  • Specialty Products
    Specialty Products
  • Anti-aging Products
    Anti-aging Products
  • Psoriasis and Eczema Relief Products
    Psoriasis and Eczema Relief Products
  • Tattoo Aftercare Products
    Tattoo Aftercare Products
  • Beauty Supplements
    Beauty Supplements
  • Hair, Skin, and Nail Supplements
    Hair, Skin, and Nail Supplements
  • Beauty-Boosting Vitamins
    Beauty-Boosting Vitamins
  • Hair Comb
    Hair Comb
  • Hair Brush
    Hair Brush
  • Hair Straightener
    Hair Straightener
  • Hair Curler & Roller
    Hair Curler & Roller
  • Hair Styler
    Hair Styler
  • Hair Dryer Blower
    Hair Dryer Blower
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
    Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Beauty Blenders
    Beauty Blenders
  • Beauty Tools and Accessories
    Beauty Tools and Accessories
  • Teeth Whitening Products
    Teeth Whitening Products
  • Oral Care
    Oral Care

Special Deals & Offers by lassnaturals

Deals & Offers

Buy 2 get 3 free - Daily Hair Care Keratin Shampoo,200ML
Pure Rosemary Essential Oil – 10 ML
IHT9 Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner,200ML
IHT9 Neem Wood Comb LC1,1GM
Red Onion Hair Growth Oil,100MLBuy 2 get 3 free, - Valentine Rose Combo Rose Cardamom body butter
Rose Cardamom Soap free face wash
Rose & Cardamom Body Lotion
Rose Water
Rose Cardamom lip balmBuy 2 get 3 free - Daily Care Essentials 70% Alcohol-Based Hand Rub Hand Sanitizer- 24H Ultra…
Purple Clay Face Wash
Detoxifying Face & Body Cleaning Scrub Gel
Vetiver & Peppermint Hand Wash- 250ML
Lip BalmFlat 30% Off - Essential Oils Combo Peppermint Essential Oil – 10ML
Pure Clove Essential Oil – 10ML
Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil – 10ML
Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil -10ML
Ylang Essential Oil – 10MLBuy 2 get 3 free - Winter Care Coconut Body Butter
Coconut & goatmilk Creme Face Wash
Coconut Cold Cream
Jasmine Coconut Handmade Premium Bathing Soap,125GMFlat 30% Off - Sleeping Beauty Pressed Face Serum Plump the skin & rehydrate it to keep it soft & supple.
Instantly floods skin with a boost of moisture
Hydrates, clarifies and brightens skin
Dehydrated & dull

About Us - lassnaturals

Our business mainly focuses on manufacture and marketing natural products for Hair Care, Skin Care & Body Care products and providing consumers natural powerful alternatives to mass-produced, synthetic chemical cosmetics. We follow Ayurveda formulas and modern production technology and free from Parabens.

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