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Legal Outsourcing

Trustman is a premier Legal Process Outsourcing (“LPO”) that takes pride in providing very cost-effective, high-quality, secure, technology-enabled and process-efficient Legal Outsourcing Services. Our focus is to develop deep & long-term strategic relationships with our clients by acting as strategic advisors and by helping them to add value to their business. We act as a partner and not as a simple vendor.

Our objective is to deliver maximum values through cost savings, enhanced productivity with highest standard of quality ethical outsourcing services and continuous process improvement and cutting edge technology. Trustman delivers value for money through our proven flexible and transparent delivery and engagement model.


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Trustman Legal Outsourcing Offers : Legal Outsourcing India

  • Reduced Costs from 40% to 60%
  • Dedicated staff as per your requirements on monthly retainer ship basis
  • Increased Time Efficiency
  • Improved Work Quality
  • Expert Global Sourcing
  • Highest Ethical Standard

In today’s competitive, worldwide legal market, effective legal support requires a combination of legal capabilities: the ability to deliver highest quality, clearly stated legal BPO service, deep knowledge of client markets and their individual commercial and regulatory standards; acceptance by regulators, and perhaps most importantly, common sense understanding of the client’s commercial objectives. When you require legal BPO Service in relation to: legal research, litigation support, patent, Paralegal LPO services etc.

Debt Collection

Trustman is the largest debt collection network in India and its agent & attorney has presence in all major city of India. It is an alliance of independent attorney, debt collectors and law firm with global coverage specializing in the recovery of past due receivables unpaid invoices)/ debt collection. Our debt collection professionals have passed the exams and issued a certificate by American Collection Association International.

It is one of the largest Commercial Debt Collection network in India, having specialization in debt collection in the normal course or through legal means both within India or abroad. Our debt collection’s attorney are located in all part of India. Law firm’s attorney is so well trained that they have thorough understanding of fundamentals of Commercial and Corporate Laws and Practices as well as practical aspect of credit operations/ debt collection. We provide National & International, Commercial and Consumer Debt Recovery/ Collection Services where the first efforts are towards amicable debt collection and courts collection is proposed to the creditor if amicable efforts for debt collection don’t succeed and debtor’s solvency is assessed as sufficient (5% of the claims).

Firm’s debt collection operations are so organized that majority of transaction is closed within a maximum period of 90 days without resorting to litigation, if the concerned debtor is still in business. For cases requiring litigation too, our approach is to ensure a fool proof case by adopting a proactive strategy in all areas of skip tracing, asset tracing, and effective follow up of litigation, for a quick and favorable decision.

It is a well established and recognized dictum that faster the action, greater the chances of debt recovery. So do not wait for your asset/ debt to become difficult of recovery and entrust your debt collection to us at the earliest. We shall be ever eager to put our experience at your disposal for quick & efficient debt collection.


Company Formation

Law Firm works with clients to determine what form their business should take. The Law Firm’s practical knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages that various business forms present enables it to recommend which form of ownership best suits each client’s unique needs. For example, some clients’ interests may be best served by organizing as a corporation. For others, the best choice may be a partnership, limited partnership or a limited liability company.

As a closely held business grows, its need for experienced legal assistance can multiply quickly. What started as a simple, straightforward enterprise may soon find itself facing a bewildering host of issues – including questions of ownership, control, employment laws and compensation – to name just a few. As the business develops, the unexpected and the unforeseen are almost guaranteed. Trustman Law Firm has represented hundreds of closely held businesses over the past decade. These include corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, as well as entities that are family-owned or owned by unrelated parties. The Closely Held Business Group’s extensive experience enables it to quickly analyze a client’s situation, and to recommend and implement the legal alternatives that will best achieve the client’s objectives.

Law Firm’s attorney in company law can incorporate the private limited, public limited company, partnership firm etc. as per your requirements. Law firm can help you for incorporation / registration of the company on worldwide basis.


Legal Risk Analysis

Trustman law firm provides a unique service to its clients that may reduce the risk of doing business and help its clients to form a sound business plan. Law firm analyze the present law of land together with the likely future legislation that is being discussed by the law making body. Law firm also always looking for new proposed amendment in the present law including the public opinion about these changes.

It is not always risk free to set up a business or entering into agreement with third party in foreign land. Law Firm’s attorney makes thorough study / analysis of the transactions / circumstances to help its clients to assess the risk and advise its clients to take appropriate steps to reduce the same.

Law firm makes thorough study of the existing law and proposed law to see how it affects its clients in respect of their existing business and future business plan. Law firm makes it sure that its clients are aware of the same and be ready with to comply with the law so that their business are not disrupted and continue to grow.

This analysis helps the law firm’s clients to keep far ahead them of their competitors.

This study helped many of its clients hence contact us immediately to avail this unique service in India.


Real Estate

Law Firm’s goal is to efficiently, effectively and ethically advise and facilitate the aspirations of our clients in India. Law Firm provide legal services for a whole range of property transactions. Law Firm’s services in title investigation, purchase, Sale, Lease & Renting and development of real estate have been used by a large number of development of real estate companies, individuals and developers of commercial and residential projects. it is based at Delhi and has presence in all major city of India.

  • Law Firm’s legal services in this field can be categorized as follows:
  • Our Clients
  • Commercial and residential developers
  • Buyers/sellers
  • Landlords/tenants
  • Building contractors/subcontractors & material suppliers
  • Apartment building owners/property managers
  • Shopping center owners/managers
  • Convenience store operators
  • Real estate brokers
  • Architects
  • Other real estate-related entities